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Is it harder to start, stop or to maintain 

a habit?

Does it depend on the type of person you are?

I remember reading in a magazine once, that we should choose our new years resolutions based on the type of person we are. You should make this decision based on whether you are more the type who would like to reduce some bad habits or the type that prefers to implement new behaviours into their lives.

Are you familiar with that pecan nuts maple syrup sweet pastry/cake roll? You can buy them at filling stations and also at the bakeries in supermarkets. Do you know the pastry I am talking about?


This is it.

A huge lesson for me: that even though something contains two new/ unknown things, it can be good.

The two new things: pecan nuts and maple syrup. I would probably never have tasted pecan nuts. It happened by accident. I thought I was buying a package of walnuts, not reading the info on the packaging properly. After opening and tasting it, i started thinking: „Nice walnuts, but they taste slightly different than they use to, what is the region of the origin, I wonder?“

And then I spotted the label: "pecan nuts". This was it. No regrets. They tasted good. The point is, that if I knew they were not walnuts, I would probably have never tasted them. Even though they might have tasted good. Because of the risk that it will have been worse than what I already knew. The way forward is uncertain when the current standard is satisfactory. Why should I even consider changing my preference?

It‘s the same when it comes to a choice of meal in a restaurant. When I find some food I love, I have no reason to order anything else in that restaurant. Ever. Why should I take a risk when I know what I like?

One of my friends immediately tries everything marked as "new". Exactly for the reason that it's new. Exactly the same reason for me not to do it, is the reason for her to do so.

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who love the new things and those who do not.

It took me about ten years to try cashew nuts. I still have not tried Goji berries. In Japan, China and Korea they have been eating them for hundreds of years, but they are new to us, Europeans. To me, personally. I also know that they contain 18 types of amino acids, all of the eight essential amino acids, 21 trace elements and carotenoids, more beta carotene than carrot and also vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and E (all info from wikipedia) Japanese, Chinese, and Korean women are the ones who grow older slowest in the world. All of these facts combined are just not strong enough as reasons for me to try Goji berries.

Because it's something new. Is it fear?

In the food area, my attitude towards new stuff is completely extreme. In other areas - not so tragic.

Well… Starting this website took a lot of time. Finding a name, creating descriptions, buying a domain name. It took a lot of time to collect every possible fact, reassure, verify, verify again, search, research, re-search, hesitate and question myself. It's all too new. Uncertainty and worries. Everywhere. I think I was able to complicate and challenge everything. I am also kind of a "preparation freak" :D. I will not start a project until it is perfectly prepared and ready. I have seen “Lorem ipsum” written so many times that I was quite surprised discovering that is still free. The domain name. Anyone interested? :D


We have been to the movies during the weekend. And there she was. The girl in the movie.  She wanted to sing in a club, so she asked if she could.

The business owner replied: “OK”.

The girl’s reaction was: “Really? No casting what so ever? Am I good enough for this? Could I do it? So easily? You will just give me the chance like that?”

The guy who was already a singer in that place gave her the microphone and said: “Girl, we are on the island. We do make our dreams come true just like this. And whatever we want, we simply do it. Just like that.”

You know how sometimes it is just a movie scene and sometimes it speaks directly to you?

 You are right. There is nothing I can figure out without trying it. Everything was overthought already. Just bite the cake and you will see. So I did.



The website has only basic data so far, everything else will be added as the time goes by.

I have read in some of the trillion blogger's guides online that the first article is supposed to be a "starter killer". That you have to kick it off. You should write why you have started and what your readers can expect from you and your posts. And that you only should write when you have something to say.

Well, I have already told you how picky I am when it comes to food, the goji berries nutritional value, and pecan – nuts - maple – syrup - pastry experience. Sounds good, right?

But I also usually focus on serious dilemmas, for example:

- "Where does all the hair clips, hair bands, lighters and lip balms disappear?"

- or "What is the right order for you to eat the cashew nuts from the bowl in?"

So you should expect serious topics mainly. Such as questions of existence and other fundamental topics.


I'm trying to get back to the point: We are getting started.

 Is there anything you have been deciding about doing for a long time (hours, days, weeks, months, years) and you have not got round to it yet? Exercising before bedtime, holding a plank for x minutes, stopping swearing, skipping every second cigarette... Then listen, I did the first step. It has not hurt so far. Come on, you can do it too. Whatever it is.

Do not overthink it. Just go on. Start with me. I will support you, just let me know what it is.

Now is the right time to share one of my favourite motivational quotes with you. Ready?

"The best way to start is - to actually start."

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.