The one about Friendships.

There is seriously so many things I need to tell you that I am already doubting if there is enough space on the internet.

Trying to detach the topics in posts so it would make sense. Hope it will:)

And we will have a short break till the end of the year, OK?

I am going to visit some places where they do not have good connection. Will let you know all the details when the time is right.



This is important.

I have a cup. I have been drinking coffee from this cup for quite a long time now. It was a gift from one of the groups I did have a training with. They were all girls. And it was huge. I keep thinking about them quite often.

Some connections clicks immediately and lasts a for long time.

I'm trying to figure out which year it was. Trying to find out which year it was is done this way:  (so that you do not have to investigate in the calendar) You associate that time with what you have been talking about with these women. And by that you should know (or at least have a clue) what phase of life it was. For example, with this cup I know exactly what phase of my life this was.

It was the “put your hands up in the air” and “never-ending party” phase:D

Your memories go like this: when you woke up on Saturday morning at your friend’s house, you could hear the ICQ sounds. That's a kind of app (?) we used back than to chat. But only on PC. Not via the phone.

That thing was trendy back in the old days, when you signed up for the Internet using old ways of connection. Making the sound like tuning the radio in combination with alien invasion.

I really wanted to get straight to the point, but the stuff around somehow got me into listening the sound of dial up internet connection. Is this even real? :D Are you reacting the same way as well? When you try to figure out the timing of something in your life, you do not know the number exactly. (Well, most of us don’t. One of my friends – Kubo - does.)

By using associations, you are trying to find out where to put it on your timeline ("lifeline"). After a while you give up anyway. You just find some major thing that has happened to you and you place this situation it in time depending on whether it was before or afterwards.

We really are special creatures, I must admit.


There is actually a real advantage of having your own web page: you set yourself the limit to number of characters and words on the post, so you can also set it to "unlimited." This will cause you to go where I just got into. Without any limits, and actually, my brain looking very "limited." :D

Never mind. It’s all good.

Back to the point.




I did the maths. Its 11 years (although it is not important at all). I have the cup from these girls and I drink my morning coffee from it for 11 years now. I think about you when drinking that coffee (and this is the important part).

Sometimes you just meet someone and it clicks.

You have your lives placed in different cities and you may not even see each other for a few years. And when you meet, you are fluently continuing in the conversation where you have stopped years ago.

And whenever your universes meet for a coffee after a couple of years, it works again. It does surprise you every time. That it works for years and only with occasional contact between you two. It is a great miracle for me.

And she just says "Ela Ela" and he just says “va-re-ne-vi-no” and you start laughing. It was 10 years ago, and you can still get back in your memories.


I'm lucky to have such souls around me.

It is always a nice meeting; the conversation is nutritious, and it lasts for a few hours. The dialogue is smooth, you enjoy every second of it, you listen with interest.

You are laughing together. A lot.

You talk a bit about the time you spent together. When that miracle happened, which caused the connection to be so strong. You do not know how or why, you just know it happened.

No one gets angry because of randomness of the contact you have. No remorse. You know he has a family, you have your responsibilities as well. The meeting only can happen occasionally. And when you come to the town, you always let him/her know. We live in a different way in different parts of the country / countries / continents sometimes.

Maybe we met one another on the opposite side of the world, even though we both live in Slovakia.

Or you are from our befriended country in the neighbourhood and anything you say, I always do confirm. Because you know how much I like to say that. Even 10 times per minute. "Dyť jó"

That's all right.


But when this meeting is happening, it feels good.

Or if you happen to meet a wife of your friend's friend and you click. You will find each other on the social network and the connection happens. It works and you understand its magic. You write each other sometimes and it's always great.

Sometimes you do meet her unexpectedly. In a totally different city.

You stop on the sidewalk, and suddenly, while you just shared a few words, the night falls. You realise that you are talking for almost an hour already. You only find out because it’s starting to be cold outside.

You did not even notice. Time flies with those people

Sometimes your call is late. The reply comes from a family member and you get the information that will freeze you. You realise, you did not make it on time. Sometimes I'm afraid this will happen again. I am always happy when it does not.  




Some of my friends and buddies are 10 or more years older than me.

(What do you mean by saying this? Well, I want to say that older people are usually smarter, and so I tend to highly appreciate when they decide to spend their time with me. It’s a big thing.)

And perhaps some of your friends have a new job already.

You send a message to the previous phone number, you do not realise it was a business phone. And then this happens: the person who inherited the phone number in the company now, re-sends the message to the girl you originally wrote it to. So, after a couple of years and with no valid contact - there you are – sitting together on a nice terrace drinking lemonade. You sit there talking until they close the pub.

Once the terrace is closed, each of you goes her way.  

But you feel better. And the world seems nicer for the next few days.

From every job I have done so far, I carry several such strong connections. We're not together very often. But we do like each other. It's always great to meet. Even if it is only occasionally.

Please, do not be angry at me, for not seeing each other as often as I would like to. I think about you more often than you might think.

I'm glad I have you in my life. You are a blessing.

Thanks to you and to our occasional brief encounters, I consider the world a beautiful place.

I really wish everyone I have had on my mind when writing this post will find himself in my words.  

I do not always have good ideas:D, but this one certainly is:

If you have such person in your life, please calm him / her.

I'm sure it is a good idea.



10 things you are looking forward to.

You know that situation: you just need a good sleep for few days. But there is only one day a week you can manage it with the alarm clock turned off. It’s a good season from the business point of view so there is a lot of work and you are getting tired. Exhausted. Or the times when you are preparing yourself for a tough meeting. Your thoughts are turning the wrong direction and you need to shift the mood to brighter direction.

What is it that works for you in such situations?


I’ve heard that you need to think of things that you like.

Or to name the things you are thankful and grateful for. This would not be so easy, I thought to myself. On my way home on Friday afternoon I got stuck in the biggest traffic jam.

Tired, stressed, overworked, noisy and messy outside, catastrophe. What an ideal setting to try this out.

If this will work now, it will certainly do any other time:D

My goal was to find 10 things I am looking forward to.


Sitting in the car I turned the recording on and started to name them. To name the first few was hard, but then I couldn’t stop it.  The list is longer than you would expect. It surprised me a lot.

It’s all good.  

My ultimate suggestion: try it. Maybe the next time you are in your car or have a bad mood. Or just to find out, try it now:) Imagine that these are quite common things that happen to us, some of them even daily:

The question is: "What is it you are looking forward to?"

(Alternatives: "What are you looking for today / in the next days? What are you happy about?")

I'm not going to tell you what it will do with you. Try it out. See the last point:)

These are my “10 things I am looking forward to”:


1.       My bed. It’s the hardest goodbye in the morning and the beautiful hello at the end of the day.  

2.       Morning coffee. Sometimes when I go to bed in the evening I am already looking forward to the morning coffee.  

3.       Christmas, but you already know that:)

4.       Family and the closest people in my life.

5.       How they send you a photo or a short message just saying how are they.  

6.       To meet with the people I know and we successfully manage to see each other. Just occasionally, but we do.

7.       When former members of my team message me asking how am I doing. This happened twice in one week this month and my heart just literally melted.

8.       To see a good movie.

9.       To unexpected meetings. I was just thinking of you yesterday and here you are.


10.   Unexpected views that only Autumn can offer.

11.   When the bartender tells you that she will make you the special tea. Because she has a headache for the whole day and feels she wants to make someone happy. So at least someone will have a nice day.

12.   Good people. And to know those I have not met yet.

13.   To meet someone who will play an important role in my life, but I do not know him or her yet.

14.   To meet with those, I already know.

15.   To the fact, that some of the best days of my life have not happened yet.

16.   Manicure. And the hand massage afterwards.

17.   When my hair looks good.


18.   When you have a nice takeaway refill coffee cup.

19.   When I come up with a good outfit.

20.   The aroma in your house when there are freshly washed clothes on the dryer.

21.   When you know how to write something grammatically correct.

22.   Or when you don’t, and someone gives you an advice.

23.   When the ironing is done

24.   The scent of freshly changed sheets.

25.   Any beach.

26.   When you are on the boat and have a view on the sea all around you.

27.   Old photo albums.

28.   When there is a new series that you like.

29.   When the heating is on.

30.   Meeting someone with funny surname.

31.   Managing to use foreign word in a sentence correctly.

32.   Finding that beautiful phone cover I must have. Explaining to myself I already have all of them. Setting up a goal to myself and after achieving it, getting that phone cover for myself as a reward.

33.   Seeing the rainbow and the fact, that you cannot predict this.

34.   That moment when you see it.

35.   Making someone laugh loudly.

36.   Having happy tears again


37.   When the wasabi kicks in

38.   To be asked if I am 18 years old when buying cigarettes.

39.   No squats tomorrow.

40.   When you get the message that someone used what you have learned together, and it works.

41.   Being surrounded by the ones I love.

42.   Finding The Dress. And The Shoes;)

43.   Discovering a song you like.

44.   Fall in love with a book.

45.   Find that one also as an audio book.

46.   Burning my tongue with a hot food, but I could not resist.


47.   That “wow moment” when I finally understand something.

48.   When I wake up in the morning remembering the dream.

49.   When the dream you did not remember in the morning finds you and reminds itself during the day.

50.   When they play your song in the radio and you dance while driving a car.

51.   When someone lets you in front of them in the traffic.

52.   When someone overcome an illness and becomes healthy again.

53.   The moment someone says out loud exactly what you wanted to say.

54.   When you put the perfume on before leaving the house and you smell it for a while.

55.   When you exercise so much, and the sweat gets to your ear.

56.   When someone sends you a message asking how are you.

57.   The day, when I manage the whole day without a chocolate.

58.   And also the fact it might never happen, because it means a lot of good chocolate in my life.

59.   When I meet a celebrity I like and find out they are nice also in person.

60.   Sunsets.


61.   Sunrises.

62.   When something is going to fall down from the table and you catch it on time, so it won’t.

63.   Seeing a good ad.

64.   Finding something you couldn’t find for a long time.

65.   The smell of lilac.

66.   Fresh walnuts. So fresh you need to peel them. And your lips and fingers stay brown from the peel.

67.   Putting my feet on the table at the end of the day.

68.   Finding exactly what i just need in my purse:D

69.   Letting the pedestrian pass the zebra and he waves you.

70.   When your orchid blooms.

71.   Sunflower field


72.   When paying the parking and the lady says “it’s OK, you can go”

73.   Finding a parking space.

74.   When I do the parallel parking:D

75.   To make it to a place without using navigation.

76.   When the strangers dog comes to you on the street.

77.   Unlocking the door and hear the dogs barking because they know it’s you.

78.   The smell of freshly washed car.

79.   A good concert.

80.   When my friends achieve something they wished to do.

81.   First swimming pool visit every year.

82.   The new “Kaštany” flavor.

83.   Unexpected interactions with people around.

84.   Neighbours kids and the stuff they tell you in the elevator.

85.   Warm tea with honey.

86.   When everything goes as planned.

87.   Also, when it does not, but the changes are good.

88.   Seeing the birds on the sky and for a moment it looks like a postcard.


89.   To the 6 impossible things before breakfast.  

90.   Laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

91.   The last cigarette of the day before going to sleep.

92.   When my hair grows long.

93.   When waiting on the gate at the airport after check-in. Waiting to get on the plane. That feeling.

94.   When you set up a surprise for someone and you are waiting for them to call you after they find out.

95.   Saying out loud the same thing as the person you are talking to at exactly the same second.

96.   To the moment I will be cleaning the kitchen and I find my boyfriend looking at me with love in his eyes. I ask “what?” and he describes 24 steps I am going to do next in order to clean it properly. The moment you realise someone accepts you with your little weird obsessions:D

97.   The moment I come home from the business trip ant there are flowers in the vase.

98.   Turning the alarm clock off on Friday evening.

99.   When the next article is translated to English;)

100.  And looking forward to when you let me know, what are you looking forward to:)


I know I have promised to avoid spoilers, but there is this one thing I must tell you about consequences of this game. You start a process in the background of your head or what and for the next few days, there are these thoughts about what you are looking forward to.

After listing those things one day, one hour in a car.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, doing something else, from the back of your mind, there comes this: “I am also looking forward to…”

Your turn. What are you looking forward to?



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What do you love the most about Christmas?

She’s gone mad. Its October 14th and she is asking about Christmas? It has not even been Halloween yet.


You don't have to love them. But if you happen to consider liking Christmas and make it easier, here's my tip on how to do it. And now is the right time. For those of you who know me, you know that this is my cup of tea;)

The truth is: I try not to care about what and how others do or do not do stuff. I try to mind my own business. And since I love Christmas, I am tuning the process every year. Thanks to this, I can offer to you a decent guide on how to eliminate stress to almost zero and make the most of them.
To make this possible, I recommend you to start the preparation now. That is the reason why I write about Christmas in October.
I'm not saying you have to do this. Nor do you ever have to read it. Maybe it will not work for you as it work for me, but worth trying. I just decided to share my advice because it works for me and brings me a nice and stress-free Christmas:) May it be helpful for you as well.


So, what is it, that you like about Christmas? The smell of hot wine mixed with the scent of needles? Those carols that play everywhere?

I love the lights. And trees. And accessories. Caps with jingle-bells and bobble hats.

What I like the most is the mood. During this time, you are in mood for doing nothing and chill while watching fairy-tales. Fairy tales, music, lights, looking forward to meeting the whole family. There will be tons of amazing sweets. And everyone will be nice to each other, trying not to argue, its festive time. It will be easier, because of high sugar level in blood:D

And this is what I like the most. That mood, atmosphere. You know?

But Christmas is only three days in a year. And that's really too little.


I remember one specific Xmas, about a million years ago. I was sitting under the tree. It was December 24th, after dinner. And I said to myself: "This is it? That's not enough. I would like to feel like this a bit more"

Since then, I have no limits when it comes to Christmas:D

Why should you feel so well and eat cakes without remorse only three days a year? Singing carols and watching fairy tales should be possible more than just three days a year. Right?

And why should it be stress at all?

Since that time – for several years now – I have a strategy: Enjoying all the nice Christmas stuff as long as possible. Start as soon as possible. The tree is done mostly around Nov 20th. Just because I want to enjoy it. I work a lot and travel a a lot. If my tree was decorated just before the holiday starts, when do I enjoy it? When decorating few days before Christmas you are in hurry, its just a thing that needs to be done and suddenly is Dec 28th and you are done. It’s over. You turn the lights on one more time - on New Year's Eve - because of tradition. And its over.


I travel a lot, so I am at home just a few nights from the week. Those few evenings I turn the lights on and enjoy the atmosphere. And watch Christmas movie.


Enjoying a good mood, I do rest and until the holidays come, I have already seen the movies a million times:D Christmas lasts longer, I have enough time to enjoy the peace of mind, movies, punches, sweets – every year to the maximum.

Why would I be avoiding a pleasant moments? If you have enough time for it, you have the possibility to enjoy.

So, it looks like this: At the end of November, I decorate the tree. I remember people laughing at me because of this.

And I remember the first decorating tree here in Bratislava in that rented flat with my housemates. I have placed that tree in the room, turned on random Xmas carols playlist from YouTube and started decorating.

The reactions were: “oh, do not even bother me with this”, “why would you do this, it’s a waste of money, you will spend the Xmas by your parents anyway, why would you buy a tree to this home”, "You are not serious, are you?"...

I smiled. I did not care what anyone else was thinking. I knew I was doing it for myself.

By the time the second carol from the playlist has come to an end, all of them were here, helping me. Taking the decorations from the boxes, putting them on the tree, mhming or singing the carols and moving to the rhythm.


It’s all good. And it's contagious. When you are not in hurry and you have no stress, it will become a pleasant activity. And catchy.

Everybody loves Christmas. Well, If they ever have experienced Xmas with someone who does not panic if everything is not perfect.


If you start to prepare for Christmas just when the summer ends (like I do:) you still have a 3-4 pay-days. This means that buying gifts will not be stress financially. And no one even guesses that you are collecting clues on what to buy for Xmas. Its easier when figuring out what would they want. And you than got as much time as you need to buy it. You will easily find a parking, have a nice lunch, because there is enough space in the shopping mall. You buy a gift, after that you enjoy your coffee. If you want a tuning - put some appropriate music on and there you go – Xmas time already.  

You can make your own way, just chill, make it stress free and you are on time.

You can avoid the shopping malls and crowded places for the rest of the Christmas season. Because you can. There is no reason to go there, you have already bought what you needed.

You can go straight home from work, turn the lights on and enjoy the movie:) Christmas. Chill. Whole December.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


Well, you don't have to love Christmas. But if you would like to give it a chance, this is a suggestion how to avoid stress and enjoy it as much as possible.

To be honest, I do not understand the complaining. It goes like this: "are you crazy? Are you going to start with Xmas in August next time? I'm still wearing short sleeves, is 20 degrees and the shops already have the Xmas decorations? Scandal."

Well, does this offend you so much? If so, just, don't notice that and you are done. Or, maybe better idea: buy all you need today, and you're done. It will not upset you any more reminding you stuff you still have to do. Done:)

Does it exclude each other that is warm outside and Christmas time already? For the last two years, I remember it being 10 degrees plus, it’s still quite warm for Christmas Eve. There is a possibility that it will be like that from now on. Winters and freezing were shifted to January and February. Snowy Christmas Day may never be again.

And even so, it was just a local habit. There are still places on Earth, where T-shirts and Christmas comes together. Why should it be bad? Because we were not used to it?

Well, maybe we'll just have to get used to it. The weather does not ask us for our opinion:)


Whether it is, or is not Xmas time yet, is not defined by weather. Neither its determined by the outside temperature.

It also is not defined by the availability of parking spaces.

Nor decorations in shopping mall.

Keep your Christmas as long as you want. Or as short as you want. Or don’t celebrate them at all – if you want. After all, it is a completely voluntary activity. If you ask me, I recommend "yes" and as long as possible:)

And the right time to avoid stress and only enjoy them is to start now, that’s why I'm writing this article today. So that we can have a peaceful time later on, because everything is taken care of on time.


Are there any mathematicians out there? If so, please help me with this one:

If there is a lot of things that needs to be done in short time, related to Christmas, and that is the cause of stress, this seems mathematically correct:

In order to reduce stress, we have 2 options:

a) Reduce the number of things we want to do – or

b) Increase the time we need to do this number of things.

Does it fit mathematically?

It should have been correct this way.



The way how to avoid stress while enjoying the period is as follows:

When you see the Xmas themed goods in the shop for the first time, buy what you missed last year. (Because you didn't have the power to visit these crowded stores.)

In half November, you bring the stuff from the cellar and put them inside the house. And then, any time in the second half of November, whenever you got the time, you can decorate. After all, the first advent Sunday was the last Sunday in November previous years. (now it will be Dec 1st.)

Every evening, you turn the lights on and enjoy the vibe. No need to rush anywhere.

Yes, I already bought the first small decoration of 2018. And chocolate in Christmas packaging.

Slowly and calmly starting.

In three – two – one!


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A: “Emotions sucks, you know."

B: “Well, I don’t know. Do they?“

Taken out of the conversation. Because its stuck in my head since then. He said, "Well, I learned to manage it mostly, but sometimes I can't. Emotions sucks, you know."

There is no need to pounce on everything someone says, nor misrepresent or unnecessarily explain the context. It happened a couple of years ago. Its stuck in my head since then. Opening the topic when I can, observing. I wonder how people around me deal with emotions. It could have been 5 years already, since I’ve heard the quote in the headline. The start of very amateur and unprofessional observation – how do we perceive and talk about our emotions.


I get a scale of answers.

Starting from: "Emotions sucks" also: "Enemy. Unpredictable. I don't have them under control. I do not know what to do with them. They betray you."

Through: "They arrive unexpectedly. Throwing you from side to side how they want. One cannot assume, expect or manage them. Explosions. I suffer. Horror. "

Or even "Sometimes I'm enjoying them, sometimes I can't control them. But I take them as part of life so It's good."

Often similar to: "i love good emotions, I don't like bad ones. I don’t know how to deal with those."

And also: "it's the inner compass. You will never be deceived. Working with them is the basis. There are no “good” and “bad” emotions, all of them have an important message for you. Only when you stop oppressing them, you let them manifest themselves and you begin to decode them. And you will even get very important information about yourself from them."


There are many professional studies about emotions. Experts who examine them for many years. I am an absolute amateur in this topic. I promised that wise things will be written by smart people on other websites, not me on this one.

So I will only share my experience with you.

To me, it seems to be a matter of courage.

Do we have the certainty and courage for those emotions to let them be, let them arrive and do what they need to do? Are we brave enough to let it go and not have a few moments under control? Do we have the capability to fully trust the fact, that it turns out well in the end?


So far, it seems to me that if we have the courage to let them in, they then work for us, more than against us. That when it cleans up and we don't have the over pressure of "good" nor those "bad" ones, it then starts to work. Magically. Just offering my subjective and nonprofessional observation.

Quoted above: "i love good emotions, I don't like bad ones. I don’t know how to deal with those."

Tell me, what I should do, if I do not even know how to deal with a good one:D I have no courage.

To be more specific:

I do cry a lot in positive situations recently. Still quite new to me, as it only happens last few years. Especially from laughter and happiness. Strange, isn’t it?

I know, its because I’m getting old.

But guess what? It includes such things as a sunset. As classic and ultimate weepie.

OK, sunset by the sea clearly is very emotional.



Truth be told, when on the road on my way home, I sometimes have to stop by the road and just enjoy the sunset view. Neither the sea, nor tropical weather is here, the sun just gets me. Why? Where did it came from?

Does everyone have these moments, when it comes to sunset? Or am I weird definitely?:D

Same thing at sunrise. Although for obvious reasons (sleep), those are seen much less than the sunsets. The effect is the same.  

Happy tears. And I have no courage to admit it. As if it was not appropriate. What's wrong with saying, "a beautiful sunset, it takes my breath away" and let the tears go. Even if you are not alone in the room, it should not have been a problem. But for me, it still is. It seems pretty brave. So far I am not brave enough to do so. I do not know why.

You see? This is the courage that you need even to express a good emotion. To show your happy tears.


Sunset or sunrise with its colours its very emotional. Watching it I can hear music and colours as well:D


Anyway, music. It is also a huge weepie. No need to be a sentimental schmaltz. It can also happen when you attend a tour of an old hip-hop band.  I specifically talk about Chaozz. The tour was a revival after 16 years. He appeared on stage and during the "one-two-three – microphone test” I was already there with my happy tears. Because Its going on and he is singing exactly the way I imagined it would be. And that I was there. The band is there, too. Many other people are here and they (we) are all happy.  

Don’t make me start on Pohoda. That’s why I love it so much. Someone starts to sing and I look around. I see people who are in my life and I love them. Listening to the music I like. Some people pass around, all smiling, holding hands.  

And the world seems beautiful to me. Weeping. Crying. Can’t stop.

Does this also happen to you?

If you are now asking the question "what kind of drinks does she drink" the answer is the exact opposite. I have these emotions since I don't drink. Totally sober.

And the longer (in years) I am sober, the more intense it is.


 Sometimes it surprises me even outside of the sun and music category.

Situation: They drop you off at the parking lot. You buy the entry ticket to the rice fields. You go down the stairs, which still does not indicate whether you are in the right place and whether you will see "it". You carry on down the stairs and it still doesn’t seem like “IT”. You start to satisfy yourself saying: “well, at least it was a nice walk”

And in one moment you can see “it”. The image you saw in television, on the internet, in travel guides, calendars, books. But it is real, and you are a part of it. You catch yourself raising eyebrows and loudly say "what? Are you crazy?" and here they are. Tears. You smile and the tears flow.

You enter that amazing beauty, smiling with tears, and you hear your heart beat.

No need for sunset. Do you understand this?

Rice grew in the fields and it made me cry:D



It also includes other visual beauties – paintings, theatres. Do you cry in the theatre? Oh yes, sometimes just a few minutes after the start of the performance. Don’t ask me.

Does this happen to you as well? When? What is your weepie?

Another case is, when the plane is landing. The pilot says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to ___". I always have tears.

I'm trying to hide it, but I guess no success on this one.

One sentence. Part of the formal process. But in my head I hear: Listen, you're in Bali. You're really in Malta. You are going to lay in the Greek sand. You'll see Rome, babe, Rome. It's incredible and unbelievable. For me, it really is. Always.

Every time I experience a great beauty, I cry as a fool. It took me quite a long time to accept it, and I'm still learning to do that.

Once, when I'll grow up, I'd like to know how to also enjoy it:) Have the courage to have a good cry whenever it's needed. Not to be ashamed of it.

I am a fool. I do cry a lot. Luckily – it’s more of a happy cry. This kind of fool I am. A happy one.

It 's all good.

And now, your turn. Tell me. What is it when you get emotional?