A fish that is too big


Its probably still the Cuba vibe behind the reason why I have bought this one. This new audio-book I listen to while driving. The old man and the Sea.

I do remember it from school. Yes, the Nobel price, yes it was quite good. But i did not understand the hype around it properly. There is a reason why the prices are decided on by older people. Some pieces of literature fall into place and start to make sense as you grow older, i guess:D

This was the reason, i believe, why I have decided to give it a second chance now. To really appreciate and understand the parts i was not able to understand when at school.



Starting the car, switching the audio on. Was not impressed so much by the famous „man can be destroyed but not defeated“ and other well – famous parts.

But it did happen.

I have stopped breathing during the first chapter already. After 84 days of not catching anything Santiago describes to the little boy that he feels he is close. And the big fish is going to happen to him very soon. The little boy asks him:

"But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?"

He sighs loudly and replies calmly: „I think so...“

This just hit me.


As well as other details did. Those details I was not able to understand properly without the Cuba experience in my life.

For example: For dinner, Santiago was eating „yellow rice.“


In the hotel on Cuba, there was something marked as „yellow rice“ in the restaurant. I found it just a kind of misinterpretation. I was sure the mistake happened during translation and there was supposed to be written probably something like „curry risotto“. Because of course the yellow colour comes from curry. Its a rice, curry, some vegetables and meat – may or may not be included, sometimes eggs.


How huge my surprise was, once I found out there is a food actually called „yellow rice“. Its a traditional meal for the poor people of Cuba.

Was not a mistake in translation.

It was supposed to be „yellow rice“, all the time.


Details, description of clothing, paths from the beach, a bar on the beach where the tourists sit at the end of the book and ask „what is that thing“ looking outside at the fish skeleton.

Now I was able to be there with them so much more.

Could imagine the lights from the port of Havana as he talks about them disappearing on the horizon.


It finally made sense to me why he did talk to the boy so much about the baseball. I finally knew how to imagine when he's been alone for a long time, talking to himself and answering his own questions, loudly.

It probably also comes with age, now I can relate more than ever:D


I was thinking a lot about the relationship between him and the fish. Almost crying when he told her he loved her, but he had to kill her. He knows, the fish will not get angry. Because she knows, that if the situation was the opposite way, she would have to kill him to survive. He shows great respect for her and speaks about her beauty. It was a relationship that was fair. He did not want to kill her for fun. But to feed himself and others in the village as he will sell the meat to them.

Those things I was not able to understand properly without the Cuba experience in my life.

Now I know how little they have.

Now I know exactly how the local markets looks like.

And I know that even one big fish can mean a lot for a whole village.


How could there be almost no change since 1952 – well, that is another story. Do not make me start on this one. Unfortunately there are still ppl who wants this kind of establishment in our country again.  No comment. (the word „ppl“ was originally much much worse and was replaced by this neutral one after a long deep breathing, kudos to me:D)


I was hit by the question:

"But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?"



 How and what it is related to. Will explain.

When I made that plan with a new logo for this brand and competition / giveaways from skilful people I know, a series of unbelievable actions did happen.

I addressed a logo request to a person as a step one.

Told him it is not an urgent request, we do have one month, maybe month and a half, maybe more if needed, of course. He sent me the first draft within a few days and it was completed within a week. One week.

You know what that means, right?

That he did it in the first minute when he had time. Why? How?  Was he enjoying it? Did he like to work on this one?

Where has the niceness came from?

He does have a lot of work now and I know it. But he just did it prior to the other tasks. I can not describe my surprise.


The second step was to process the cloth shopping bags.

 The website said delivery time is 3-5 working days.

In reality the process was far more different:

The man had sent me the bag print preview literally the day I have submit the order. I have confirmed the next day. The day after I did confirm he sent me an email saying: Your bags are ready for pick up.

I have entered their office to pick the bags up ant the owner of the company welcomed me saying: „These are the most beautiful bags I have done until now.“

And me, being happy AF, spontaneously replied: „Oh sure they are.“

He asked what dtj stands for and I told him to type dtj.sk into the web. (this is a a shortcut and will redirect you to the main page of dobretoje.sk)

Not that he had nothing else to do. That place was busy and stuffed with other ready to pick - up orders. And I was ready to wait one week.

He did it in two days. Beautiful, quality, flawless and packed. And with such a good feeling of everything around.

Its all good.


Meanwhile, I have been addressing a few other people asking for their beautiful work.



Cosmetic gift package

I have contacted this woman with a request to make a tiny package including the air refresher and a soup. She said no prob. And then she wrote she would like to add a deodorant. And a lip balm, which is also made by her. And let me choose the type of soap.

The lip balm had to be done twice, as the first one was too stiff so she had to cook it all over again. Melt, cook and whatever other processes needs to be made.

You know?

She was standing by the cooker after she came home from work, so mostly evenings and nights, because it was necessary to do it a little better.


Out of nowhere, you have come up with ideas how to improve it, pack it nicely, and redo it twice if needed.

This is not a common approach. At all.


There are still some things going through preparation phase.

So I'm going to be mysterious and I'm not telling you what it is, just telling you that I have not seen something so beautiful in this category, ever. it's wonderful.

One of these skilful women I wrote and sent pictures of what she already had in her portfolio. Something that is created already, I will buy it and put it to giveaway as a prize.

We have met and had a nice tea together.

And she, sipping that lavender tea, unpacked the cotton balls from her bag and let me choose the colours. She said she will create a new ones especially for this purpose. Not letting me buy something that is done already.

I did not want to add another work to her, but she voluntarily decided to make a new ones for DTJ. And she brought the portfolio of possible colours with her, so I could choose.


Siting here, I did not know what to say, how to react. I was just wondering why are these good people happening to me.


Another meeting took place in a similar, unexpected spirit.

I even caught my boyfriend doing something with this logo on his PC. Tried to make a surprise for me to be given as a giveaway as well. Because he just wanted to be involved. For what he saw was joyful and he wanted to be a part of it.



The bear family was a total last minute call.

I wrote to my sis with a shy request, asking her if she can manage quickly.

She replies saying she actually has a vacation next week, so it is possible. Within three days she sent me pictures of the family of crocheted bears and they were already on the way.
I came home and there was a package waiting for me.

I opened it and there they were. 2 families of four. Yes, she sent me two families of four. In an extremely short time, that woman just found the time to prepare not just one but two sets. She also gave everyone of them a label saying that what is his name and what he likes. You will have the opportunity to meet the other family of four. Its different form of handwork and they are awesome.

Sitting there staring at them smiling at me, these 8 mammal made with love, i just started crying. It was just too much.

Asking myself:

Why? Why would they do this? Why would everyone produce some extra effort?

Where did that come from?


Everyone has put a huge piece of it in addition to what was requested and agreed. Time. Creativity. Piece of their soul. Idea. Improvement. Everything just because they wanted to. Each one of them devoted much more time and energy and strength and creativity than I had the courage to ask for.

And these people, all without exception, and without asking for it, have done an extra piece of work.

Just because.

Hand work is extremely valuable commodity. It requires your brain, focus, idea, hard work, time, preparation, material, rethink, make propositions, make the final product.


This is really a lot of time for each one of them.


Where does that extra effort came from, i have no idea. Honestly. It just happened. And than again.




Not to mention that my suggestion was that I would buy these from them and it would be a gift from me - to you. But most of them did not even let me pay. And even those who did accept the payment only accepted the amount of their expenses – so the money happened to be absolutely symbolic, I was ready to pay many times more.

They've done it all partially or completely for free.


I just want to thank you, the authors of all these presents, those you readers have already seen, but also to those who are still waiting for you.

Big Thank You.

You have created a great amount of good energy to the world (apart from material gifts).


Also, I still kind of do not believe it myself and I can not fully process it. A miracle.

All the good you have created and sent to the world is a huge force and I do not understand it as much as I should. I do not understand at all how it begun, and how you have been able to create so much good in creating these products, passing them to me and the joy that you cause to the winner when he or she receives them.  So much more then my original ordinary request.


A fish that is too big.

Says the title of this piece.


I did not have any idea that it would be so great lesson for me when I have fistly adressed these requests for cooperation. I appreciate the size of your enthusiasm, willingness, joy in giving, helping, and so overall humanity. And goodness.


It's really a fish, that is too big for me. In the best possible sense. I was not prepared for it at all. It has throwed me to hit the walls of the ship, because I simply fell on my knees from it:D


You have made a lot of good in the world.

It makes me feel very emotional as it is going on and on.

I had to write it to all of you.


The world can sometimes be a dark place, I know.

This website is my fight against evil. I do not know how to fight it differently. And couldn't stay not fighting anymore, I felt it was too much and it was everywhere. I have chosen this form. This way I just want to create some good. As an opposite. I know that I can not offer thoughts worth the Nobel Prize, nor any serious breakthroughs in these Sunday light style pieces:D But this is the only skill I have, the only thing I am capable of doing. And I will not give up. Not for myself, nor for those I love. I know that I will not be able to give life back to anyone, nor do I make anything revolutionary. But I can make a little good. Regularly, every week, one article. Something short and simple, every Sunday. Create a tiny good bit for this world. You will find it once you need it. This is my fight strategy in this mad world. Others do not make sense to me. I tried. Only this one works for me.

Just trying to create some kind of good in the world as the counterbalance of that rabble.


And you helped me with all of this. Without even knowing it.

A fish that is too big.


The world can sometimes be a dark place, I know.

But it is beautiful too. Because these people are. They can surprise you when you least expect it. Even more of them at the same time. Acting totally selfless.


It is all good.



Thank you, 2018. Welcome, 2019.

We have arrived on Friday, it was 8 pm here. Shower, bed and sleep.

When I lay down into my bed after 20 hours long flight I have literally heard my back asking if I am serious. If this is real and I am in bed:D

Not getting younger, I guess.


Varadero, sunset, 2018. I have named this woman Beyonce, because you could feel her charisma three kilometres away from her. Amazing.

When I woke up in the morning, it was 3 pm already.

I went to the kitchen to make coffee. There were only three capsules left in the dose. Well, OK then, I said and opened the internet. After a few clicks, I told my man that we were going into the town, because there is no more capsules and there will be no more of them, ever.

I do have a real coffee machine now.  

Does this make me grown up? It grinds the coffee beans and makes a good espresso. Does not create plastic waste. This is how I want to start next year.


Take care a bit more about myself (good coffee) and take care about the planet a bit more (no more plastic capsules).

It has been in my mind for a longer time as a request to handle. But I do not have the skill to deal with lever coffee machine and those real ones were expensive for me. I have been preparing for that purchase for some time, and since the holidays did not require to touch this part of savings, after being safely home I could have done this step that morning.


I will learn how to fry milk to make a real cappuccino and latte also, you are all welcome for a cup of good coffee:)


Dessert at a Russian place, Tabarish, Havana. "No pancakes, Bliny." As the waiter corrected my request:)

This year, I dropped two cigarette buds on the ground. I remember exactly that they were two, because the situation in which it was so unfortunate that I could not just give them away properly. No option to put them in the bag and then into the bin. I am not proud of this.

I do know, that next year it is going to be zero.

The amount of cigarette buds to be left on the ground in 2019 is the same amount of capsuled I plan to use in 2019. Zero.

In 2019 I would also like to keep my promises. Trying to do it now, also.


Its Sunday and I have promised to write to you today.

Plans are huge, but my head is empty, jet-lagged. Tiding up my notes and photos from the holidays. Will put a mask on my face. 10 years younger in 30 minutes is a good deal;) The best ideas come to me when having a mask on my face.

I believe it’s my head rewarding me for taking care of its face:D



Below are the photos you liked the most on Instagram this year.

Pictures - not so special.

I believe you have liked the stories connected to them?



Bali – throwback to my first ever sunset on this island

Cuba - Havana

Ružomberok - special hotel, breakfast

Varadero and Santas chilling there on December 25th

Pohoda festival

The Cars and story of the proposal from the filling station worker

The toner on my legs, on carpet, on walls in the office. Vacuuming at 7:30 am.

Hydratation is a serious job to be done and courier in shock as he saw me in my giraffe covered robe

And singing loudly in public transport


Thank you for being there with me in 2018.


I will write you everything about Cuba, in the best possible way. Will try. And answer all the questions you wrote me. There is so much to tell. So far just a sneak peek, will tell you what is going on in my mind since we came back. And has been going on in my head all the time in Cuba.


You remember how we went to town yesterday morning (4pm;) to pick up the coffee machine?


In the morning I have put the water from the washbasin in a cup and drunk it. Made a coffee, breakfast. There was a bread. Cheese. Vegetables and fruits. In the fridge, there is food.

I have set the temperature in living room as requested for my comfort (turned the heating on). Switched the computer and radio on. Checked the internet, reviews, prices, compared, ordered, added accessories, coffee beans, done. Read some news that my friends have posted. Sent a few photos. Switched the Christmas tree and all the lights on. Relaxed a bit.

We have put on clean and warm clothes, got into the car and went to town.


And on our way to the town we did see cars - made in this century. A lot of them. Lights on, shops were opened ant they did have groceries in them.

 “We are all millionaires here.” I said spontaneously.


This is what I brought from Cuba.

Because we are.


In every sentence of what describes my morning routine yesterday, there are things they do not have. Partially or absolutely.


According to all definitions of sufficiency, trying to avoid the cliche about appreciating basic things.

I really thing I was thankful for what I have. But since we are back, things are different. We are so wealthy. Millionaires. Even without the coffee machine.

We do have everything already.

It’s all good.



Resolutions? Of course there will be some. But just for a pleasure of our mind, because we do have all we need. And much much more.

Resolutions would be just details to spice up my life a bit.

To take care about myself a bit more, as I believe it will make me a better human being and this will have positive impact on others also. Me being better me.

And there is one more I will make. More important than others. I do believe, we should take care of those,, who do not have, what we have. It’s our duty, I feel. Don’t know precisely how, I do have some ideas already, not just detailed plans yet.

I wish you to master the art of enjoying all that we already have.

We do have everything.

Warm feet, cookie in hand and chill for 2019.


ŠNR means HNY in Slovak:)


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Keep your fingers crossed for me;)


I've read once, a long time ago, that you will become a combination of five people you spend the most time with. I choose carefully.


Strange, isn’t it? I do not remember anything more. After a few years, all I can remember is the claim. When you try to google it now, you find interesting discussions about correlation and causality. Can’t confirm if the claim is true (no evidence or research with data). It was probably just a motivational quote from this speaker.


I have decided for myself to believe it. It has passed my inner test. Two questions:

1.       Will this make you a better human being? Answer: Yes. (If it works and I choose the right people).

2.       Will you hurt anybody believing in it? Answer: No.

Even if it may not be true, I decided to go for it and see what happens.



What I want to say is: I must have inspirational people around me.

Sometimes I use the word "sfotrovatiet". (the word means when you talk like every old person ever) My man once asked me what exactly it means.

It means to give up.


Give up on dreams, desires, a better being, a better world, everything. It means to give up all of these.

Mainly giving up on yourself.

I do not accept that. I will give him/her a chance a few more times, will try to help, but if it turns out to be irreversible, we will silently disappear from each others lives.  

What exactly does it mean „sfotrovatiet“?

That's when one looses himself. You let your spirit leave.

It's not about age. Sometimes it happens to 20 years olds, sometimes it does not happen after one is 50 or older. Result of my unprofessional observations says - It's not about age, at all.


We have a coffee together. One says:

"This drink does not taste the way it used to" - alert. That's where it usually begins. Overall, everything is different than it used to be.

It´s worse. Everything. Undoubtedly.



Everything was better before. I'm trying to make a joke, it still can only be a current mood, not a life mind shift.

If there is a speech about politics (I really do not get the point), men are all the same (specifically do not get this one), the young people? They are terrible. And they stare at their phones all the time. And they do not appreciate anything as they should.

Well, maybe this is the reason why I stare at my phone so much? I really like to be named "the young one":D So I look at my phone a lot. Then I feel I belong to the group "the young people" and it is all good for me. Back to the coffee where we drink something that does not taste as good as it used to before.


“Come on,” I try to change the topic, “we did not appreciate things when we were young, exactly as they do now. Do you want to know what I did to my first classy white jeans?”

One start to comment how everything is more expensive now than it was before. And how ridiculous it is. How much for this drink? Unbelievable.

Wow. I still do not want to believe I hear this from someone my age.

Already? You gave up so easily?

"The rich people are rich because they steal, they do not deserve this, that is unfair." I do not believe what I hear. Then something about medicine they take, illnesses and diagnosis and what catastrophic happened to someone.

This is about the moment when I switch myself off.

"And the job is terrible. Boss – completely wrong." – one says.

"So, leave." I answer.

"Oh, like if it was so easy." one replies.

"I know it is not, but the longer you stay the harder it will be."

"It's everywhere, bosses like this."


Well, I don’t think so, but if you say so. “As you say. So, you can work hard now and in few years you will be the Boss. The first good boss. Be it.” I try to motivate and encourage.

“Impossible, there is always someone above you who is a mess, impossible to deal with.” One replies.

"Make your own company. Choose people and it will all be good. “

This is a break point. If it is only a bad mood, this argument will cause him to reply – “it’s not so bad after all, I am just tired.”

And I totally accept and understand this. Everybody needs to relax this way from time to time.

If it’s the attitude the reply is:

“Are you insane? You think it’s so easy?”

Well, I am totally sure it’s not easy. Not at all. But the time you now spend hating you can invest to research and preparation for this step. But I stay quiet. It does not make any sense to talk any more.

This happens quite a lot and to young people also. They give up on themselves.

I know it´s not about me, but do you think they know it? That they do and say exactly what their parents used to do and say, and it made them mad when they were young?

I do not get this. It happens more often that I am willing to accept.

You try to motivate, encourage, lift, help, but if it doesn’t work a few times, you give up on them, too.

Everyone makes the decision for oneself.

I can help, but I am not able to decide it and make it for you.


Well, you have promised “its all good” and now you just complain all the time?

Don’t worry, we are getting to the point. It was just a sketch of the situation:D  


I must surround myself with the people I admire and learn from.

And those who did not give up. Those who can do amazing things, go chasing their dreams, and really have fun in life. I do not say they have no hard times. But they do fight. They get along with it. You see them fighting peacefully. Maybe you do not know where they are going exactly, but it's inspiring to see that they know. And that you see how they are moving forward.


You know what happens, when you want to give up on your dream, but you do have such people around you? Those who have their own dreams. Those, who know, how much energy it sometimes costs to go for them?

This happens:

If everything goes as planned, I'll fly away tonight.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.


We go to the place, where the weather is warm these days. So we will be in contact at the end of 2018 – beginning of 2019. I will have a “blog break”. Not that I could not turn on my computer on vacation:D But we go to a country, where there is no internet. Well, will probably find some, but not reliable connection.

The real holidays. Offline.


It all happened by a nice accident. And than it was accompanied by a lot of misunderstandings, unpredictable changes, not so logical mistakes. We have bought the flight in April. But it was cancelled. You book again. Different dates. You re-book the accommodation. There is a weak internet, so you wait a few days for the confirmation. Finally, you got it. You go buy the airplane tickets. Not available any more – these dates sold out. So this whole circle, again. Different dates – re-book – confirmation. Insurance, money, vaccines, visa, electric cables, everything.

Each of these many things has become an unbelievable complication and I was not able to solve it in one step. It did require at least 3 steps.

The lady at the embassy not wiling to give you visas, because on the passport photo your hair is dark, in reality you are blond. Negotiation. You finally get the stamp. But with recommendation, that you should turn back to black, it suits you better. Well, thank you.

Someone tells you that USD is the money you can use without any problems. You do trust that person, so you do not fact-check. My bad, of course. You order special nominals, pick them up, you are proud of yourself of how smoothly this went. On Thursday evening you discover that better exchange rate is for EUR and also, if you change USD you are charged with 10-13% tax fee. You don’t give up, you still have half day to change the money back.


Every simple act since April has been over-complicated a few times.  

As much as it could.


Well, there was a certain point when I was tired. I told my man:

“If we cancel the accommodation now, they will return 100% of the money without any cancellation fee. We do not have to push this. It’s becoming too complicated. Everything. I don’t know, its too much, maybe we should just leave it..” (and you continue giving up)

I have talked to a good friend as well.

And to my mum, that its more complicated than I thought at the beginning.

Watch what happened.

When you surround yourself with the people who know you, know who you are, what do you want, how much you really want it, they do have their own dreams and they know the road is tough sometimes. When you start to give up, they do this:

Him: “It has been your dream your whole life. We have gone this far already, this year. We are going.”

Friend: “You know what? Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong already. It’s all done, once you will be there everything will be all right. “

Mum: “I am proud of you for chasing your dreams. Your soul needs it. I have a very few people like this around me. You must go. I am happy for you. You will tell me everything when you come back.”


Once you fall and you are ready to give up – one gets you right arm, one gets your left and the third one lifts you and push you forward from the back.

So you will make it.

Because they all know how much and how long you want this.

And how important it is for you.

None of them will benefit from it.

Exact opposite, they will all lose something.

He will pay his own money to join me. And despite that, he helped me do it.

My friend will be out of cosmetic supplies the month before Christmas:D

And for my mum it means, that I will not be with her by the Christmas dinner. And there was no “I told you to stay home, this is ridiculous.” Exact opposite. She said she is proud of me. She said I must go.

How did this happen? Having such wonderful people around.

They do not let you give up.

It’s very extraordinary to be surrounded by people like this. It does not happen to everyone. Friends like this.

As this is my last blog-post before Christmas, I would like to wish you something.



Wishing you:

Don’t lose faith and go fulfil your dreams. I wish that from the bottom of my heart to you and also to myself.

Don’t give up on life, don’t give up on yourself.

Do believe, that the world can be good. (you know, after all, it’s all good;)

Do have the energy to do something about the world being a better place. Just because it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t lose yourself on the way.

And choose wisely when choosing people around you. Choose the ones with their own path, dreams, power. Admire them. Learn from them. Those are the ones that will remind you of your dreams when in hard times you forget.

And finally, quite selfishly, I wish to myself the smooth journey (both ways) and let all be all right. It has cost a lot already, also lot of time, peace, energy and it was a huge test. Keep your fingers crossed for us:)


Have a wonderful Christmas.



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Little Einsteins.

That's how one of the professors of English language used to call us at school. I did not know why back then.


We were 10 - 11 years old. Everyone else used to tell us that we were just kids, that we are going to talk about it when we will be bigger, older, smarter, that we are still too small and young to understand this and that, etc.

She did not. "You are Little Einsteins", she used to tell us in Slovak with very cute accent. She always listened to us. And she asked us a lot of questions, patiently listening the answers.



I did not know what she meant. But it flattered me. You obviously know who Einstein is, so it cannot be taken in negative way:D


While, according to others, we were still not enough (old, experienced, competent) to listen to us, for her, we were equal communication partners. I was looking forward to lessons with her. She was English native speaker, I did not understand many words, but it was actually the first real English I had heard in my life. We had one lesson with her per week.


We had to call "Mr. Professor" the other teachers. She wanted us to call her by her first name.

That was huge. Everyone else was just Mr. / Mrs. Professor, she wanted to be called by her first name.


Today I want to write about the little Einsteins:D

Because I believe I have a clue of what she meant.




I do not know if this is because I just do not have the "baby" skills, but I talk to them as I talk to adults. I even go to them for answers I need.

You know, the big questions you have?


I recommend asking a child. You will enjoy the answer:D

The way they perceive the world. Amazing. The simple answers to heartbreaking and fundamental “adult” questions. Eyes opening.


I watch and admire:


How they can handle anything:

A long time ago I was on vacation and a group of participants was also a family with a little boy. We went for a day trip. In the footsteps of Napoleon. He went as well. Everyone told him he was going to visit Napoleon.

But none of us explained to him what / who is Napoleon.

Because we knew. So we assumed it is clear and understandable. He did not know. He managed it the way, he could understand it.


“Are you going for a trip with us?" - we ask where the bus should pick us up.

"Yes," he said.

"And do you know who we are going to see?"

"Half - melon." he responded proudly.


Solved. Napoleon did not made any sense to him. The word he did not know. But “napol” – means “half” in Slovak language. And “melon” means “melon”. So he was going to see the Half Melon. This way it was clear, he knew exactly what it was. And it corresponded to what we, adults, talked about.

Solved. Like a boss.


This is me. Great work. I’ve never looked better on any photo.


How they struggle sometimes:

There is a dinosaur section in the Bratislava Zoo. We've been there a few years ago. This little big boy -  member of my family – knew all dinos already, knowing who are whos relatives and who lived when. The details about food habits of each one of them, obvious information. I do not understand why am I surprised by that.


I do not know what to eat the next day, not to know what kind of food used to consume these creatures, something saurus or a ratos or a ptor a millions of years ago. He knew, of course.


There is a place where there are two dinosaurs. These two are moving and making sounds (I would guess Alamosaurus, but if I'm wrong, I will have a serious problem and drop down my authority in the family:D) By the way, one dinosaur already got the Indian name "the one you can never remember his name" - so much to my competence when it comes to dinosaurs. Back to the Zoo.


Two young boys (about 4-5 years old?) watching these two moving and making sounds.


One of them looks at those dinosaurs and says, "Dinosaur dinosaur do not eat me, please"

And our little boy (a few years older than the scared one) tells him: "Do not be afraid, it is Alamosaurus, and he is a herbivore (a vegetarian), he would not eat you."

But the little boy did not hear him, and he said, "Dinosaur do not eat me."

My cousin repeated: "Hey, do not worry, he will not eat you, he is a herbivore."

The little boy still did not know he was talking to him.


My cousin looked at me and, with a desperate look, repeated,

"But he will not, because he is a vegetarian. He is a herbivore."


You know? He wanted to help him so badly. And he was so unhappy when he could not help him.

It did not matter that it’s just a plastic model. He kept this as a secret from the small boy. The way he decided to help him was saying:

He is a herbivore.


Yes, this is the right direction for this picture. I have checked with the author a long time ago. Strange questions we, adults, have. He is going down the hill, don’t you see that? :)


How they ask a question we are not able (or competent enough) to handle:

We sit on the terrace, I am having a mojito, and she checks the drink, goes around, studying what is it in the cup. This little woman suspiciously checking your drink.

"Yes?" I ask

"Why are you drinking a salad?" She asks.



How they see things that we do not see:

I recently had the honour to spend a journey with a child in the car. Responsible task. I was even afraid I could do it.

We needed to refuel. I'll stop on the filling station. He came out of the car with me and kept close to me all the time. Hilarious. These are new things for me, you know.

So I say to him: "We have to remember this number. It’s the number of the stand - 4. You know, those stands are numbered to tell the cashier which stand we pay."

We went inside, he was looking around. When the cashier asked, the little guy comes and proudly says:

"Stand number four."

"Thank you."

We are back in the car. The demand has come if we can stop at the nearest gas station to use the toilet. Well, of course. We're stopping by Červeník, we pass the filling station and stop in front of HotPot (the restaurant behind the gas station).

"They have incorrectly numbered their stands." He says.

"Pardon?" - I'm asking,

"They made a mistake, they have two stands with the number 7."

We're leaving the car and going to the toilet. As we pass the stands I check the numbers.

I swear, there are two stands with number 7.

Could you please explain this to me: how could he notice it when we pass the stands in about 15 seconds. We just passed it and parked behind the filling station.

And then, when you get the answer, I have one more: Could you please tell me how I could stop here for like hundreds of years and never ever notice there are two stands with number 7.

Have you?

It took him 15 seconds.

They have two racks with the number 7. They do.



How they have their own way to solve anything:

We had a huge overload at work at that time, and they live quite far away. It's the family of my friend. And that little woman once phoned me and said:

"You can come now, I know how to make you a coffee."

"Pardon me?" - I ask.

"You certainly have not come to visit me yet, because you were afraid I do not know how to make you a coffee. You can come now. I know how to do it."


My heart just broke. She was 6 years old then.

She told her mum to teach her how to make a coffee. She did not let her out of the kitchen until it happened. To call me and tell me, that she is ready to take care of me when I come. What else can be the reason I have not come to visit her yet? It seemed logical to her in that little soul, that once she learns this, I'd come.

You know? Me neither.


And a slap in the face for me.


And how they open your eyes, if you listen.


The message for the Professor: I believe I understand the “little Einsteins” thing now. You were right. They certainly are.

And for you, Einsteins:

You are nothing less than highly miraculous creatures. I do not understand you at all and I probably do not even know how to take a good care about you. But your view of the world is a great gift to me.


Thank you for this. And for every question You care to answer.


It is all good.

The universe has managed it the way, that we learn from one other.


And now your turn. Your children's moments.

Do not hesitate to write me about them, I'm so curious:)

This discussion will be nutritious and fun, I'm already looking forward.


Previous posts

Switched off.

Yes, I am. Since Thursday morning, I think. Maybe it had happened on Thursday night already. I remember I could not sleep because of the enormous brain overthinking activity. Around 3 a.m. there was a cut and suddenly empty head. It has all disappeared and I fall asleep.

My brain cable was just cut by someone. So this is what’s new. I am disconnected from the electric supply. The head is completely empty. I do not think. At all. There are no thoughts and you can hear the silence.

I believe it was impossible to carry it all for my head, so it just switched off.




You have to look to the diary to find out what are you supposed to do today. Even simple acts that are written in your diary became inexplicably complicated.

Exhaustion. For a long time. You are tired. Lack of sleep. The body tells you: slow down my dear.

And if you do not listen, your body (hardware) shuts down the button (your software.)

You are physically moving, but you are not present. The brain has just left your body:D

Everyone have these days from time to time. Its all good. Balance.

The day, when your brain is switched off, looks like this:

You fall asleep in the morning. You do not hear the alarm. Not at all. In the kitchen you will find that you have no coffee. You dress up. It all takes a long time. Longer than usual. But you do not even know where the time losses are. You do everything as always, but it takes about 150% time comparing to usual timing. You do not think about anything. The mind is empty, brain is off.

You get in the car with this empty head. You know the alarm clock was due to something. You know something is going on and there is a reason you are going somewhere. But you do not know where or when. You have to look to the diary.

So you're going for the vaccination. The vaccinating card, that you put close to the door, so you will not forget it in the morning, was left there. You find out once you enter the ambulance.

The nurses are all nice, they just plan the Christmas party. You smile, you listen. Listen, but you do not hear anything. You only know they are talking about Christmas party. Others are just noises. You do listen them, you just do not hear the meaning.

The brain was overloaded lately, so when in situation where it is "threatened" to perceive some more information, it just turns off.


You pay for the parking. The parking boy is nice, he's joking, he says it's nice weather, do not worry – he is just making strange faces because the sun shines into his eyes, but he's glad the sun shines anyway. And he says things. And you see his mouth moving. You concentrate consciously to hear those words. It is not working. You are looking for the button in the head that someone has switched off. You really want to find him, so you can switch it on. It’s not going to happen.

You just smile, nod and leave politely.


What is going on?

You're going to put the car to the service. You get it there and guess what?

Instead of one hour, they have to leave it here all day, for a complete check, the exchange of something and the change of some filters in something needs to be done also. I don’t know exactly, as my head, exposed to the situation of too many information, just decided to switch off:D Surprisingly.

The head is full already, not able to cope with new stuff. Therefore, when such situation occurs, it switches the button off. And you do not know how to switch it back on. You just observe the situation.


OK, well, repair the car when it is needed, I'll be safer, that's right.

I'm leaving the service building, so I'm going to continue in my program without the car.

This is good:

There were two other outfits in the car for today - as the program includes several meetings at different levels of formality. They are all left in the car. In the car, that is in the repair for a whole day.

Well, I'll have to do it without them. I try to encourage myself.

I'm buying a SMS ticket for public transport, as I am going to use one.

Oh, hold on. My cap stayed in the car. A warm jacket also. Shoes? Also. I'm dressed for being in a car, not in town on my own. Thin coat and not so warm shoes.

And an inappropriate outfit.

No cap, no scarf.

All right. I'm getting a taxi, it's not worth the illness.

White Dacia, a few minutes. White Dacia? Great, there is not much cars like it driving Slovak roads. Ha. Three white Dacias labelled as taxis passed around in the next 12 minutes. Nor one of them was the one I have called:D Number four, lucky number four. That is him. I have not seen so many Dacias like ever in my life, than I have seen the last 15 minutes.

And the driver talks and talks. He hates everything. And pretty much everyone. Especially people in financial services. I did not catch anything more as my head switched him off:D Fortunately.

So I started staring at the phone pretend to be working and believing he would stop talking. There he goes "And young people today, they're still just looking at their phones."

I told him that my plans had just changed now, and asked him to stop here at this bus stop to get off the car.

In my head: I prefer to go by bus but I have to play it inconspicuously.

As I am leaving the car: "Thank you, have a nice day."

"Nice day?" – he asks "How would I, the weather is not OK."

"Not OK?“ – I ask – „It is beautiful, istn´t it?"

"Well, young lady, it is not Ok for the weather to be like this in November."

„Oh, well, as you say, goodbye.“

I mean, really?:)



In a few minutes the bus arrives. Cool, nobody talks to me. Finally, for a moment. I 'm singing this cute song. I'm convinced that I only sing in my head.

But when a disabled boy comes to me, he laughs and starts to sing with me, then I realise, I was singing loudly. All the time:D I do not even have a headphones - so I would sing what I'm listening to.

I'm just singing. Out loud. I do not know about it, I do not realise it.

Well, never mind. At least we sang together while in bus. And his mum did not seem to be angry, apparently.

My cables are cut, the brain disconnected. Totally.

My head just put the song on and let my mouth sing it. Everything without even consciously realising it.

I stand at the bus stop once I got off the bus, and wonder where I was heading and what I wanted to do there.

I wanted to go to the office because I needed to copy the materials there.

Oh, you mean those material that stayed in the car? Parked in the car service? And as there is a lot copies to make, I do not know how to take it away, as the plan was to put them in the car.

You know. I'm totally useless here:D

Oh, it doesn’t matter. Its OK. What's next?

A lunch.

I thank to my own psycho planing habits for writing such things into the diary. That's because of a days like this, I believe. I think I've experienced it before, so I prevent forgetting to eat when my mind is “off” by planning it into the diary:D

I'm going to catch the bus and find a nice place for lunch.


Long story short – Can you relate to what level of being “off” this is?

Dangerous one.



So I go to the café, order a salad and open a diary. I cancel everything for the next weekend and everything that can be cancelled for the next few days. I must have my alarm off. And I just have to have a rest in my plan. Nothing else. Nothing. Nothing.


Immediately after the cancellation of the weekend program, the universe sends me a "that’s the right thing to do - confirmation" signal. For as soon as I cancel the last thing from the weekend diary, a miracle happens. One of those we talked about last time :)


Lunch done, plans cancelled - relax scheduled.

I got a call. The car is ready. I'm going to pick it up, walking the Old Town. I have to cross The Hviezdoslav Square. I'm looking into the ground. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I do hear my favourite Christmas song.  


I raise my head and see. There is The Christmas market already. They make punch, sausage and play my very favourite song. I stop, watch, smile, breathe the smell and cry. (really, those weepies again. It will be forever like this with me - crying, but it was a miracle what just happened there).

I don’t know how to put the video here, so it's on insta:)


It was that kind of a day. And as soon as you decide to relax, because you need to, the universe will reward you with your favourite song and suddenly you find yourself on your favourite happening of the year.

Not knowing it was there already. When you decide to take care of yourself properly and do something for yourself. And relax.

Today, there are 2 things I would like to share with you.


It is all good. All magical. Xmas coming.

We do not have to destroy ourselves. In fact, we should not have to damage ourselves not even a bit. Do not overwork ourselves. Do not push it, do not stress it. And as soon as we return to the good path - to this one where you love and respect yourself, and relax, everything will go back to the "switched on" brain that can see the beauty around.



Please, do take a good care of yourself. I like you. Relax. It is important.

I'm still "off". I was „on“ only for Chris Rea:D My brain will not let me hear the inputs from outside world until he is ready to absorb them.

So I'm off again today, going to rest for a bit.


To be clear, I do not try to complain here. Not at all. It's just interesting for me to see how the body behaves as it gives you clear signals. And how it does everything to help you. Even so, when my head overload prevents other things from getting in there. That's all the power one can wish for. And even that you can realise that, when its happening to you, I find this amazing as well.


Oh, wait.

This is a good idea. Lets give each other tips on how to relax.

So: when you really need to relax, switch off, gain the strength.

What is it, that works for you?


Let me know.


10 things you are looking forward to.

You know that situation: you just need a good sleep for few days. But there is only one day a week you can manage it with the alarm clock turned off. It’s a good season from the business point of view so there is a lot of work and you are getting tired. Exhausted. Or the times when you are preparing yourself for a tough meeting. Your thoughts are turning the wrong direction and you need to shift the mood to brighter direction.

What is it that works for you in such situations?


I’ve heard that you need to think of things that you like.

Or to name the things you are thankful and grateful for. This would not be so easy, I thought to myself. On my way home on Friday afternoon I got stuck in the biggest traffic jam.

Tired, stressed, overworked, noisy and messy outside, catastrophe. What an ideal setting to try this out.

If this will work now, it will certainly do any other time:D

My goal was to find 10 things I am looking forward to.


Sitting in the car I turned the recording on and started to name them. To name the first few was hard, but then I couldn’t stop it.  The list is longer than you would expect. It surprised me a lot.

It’s all good.  

My ultimate suggestion: try it. Maybe the next time you are in your car or have a bad mood. Or just to find out, try it now:) Imagine that these are quite common things that happen to us, some of them even daily:

The question is: "What is it you are looking forward to?"

(Alternatives: "What are you looking for today / in the next days? What are you happy about?")

I'm not going to tell you what it will do with you. Try it out. See the last point:)

These are my “10 things I am looking forward to”:


1.       My bed. It’s the hardest goodbye in the morning and the beautiful hello at the end of the day.  

2.       Morning coffee. Sometimes when I go to bed in the evening I am already looking forward to the morning coffee.  

3.       Christmas, but you already know that:)

4.       Family and the closest people in my life.

5.       How they send you a photo or a short message just saying how are they.  

6.       To meet with the people I know and we successfully manage to see each other. Just occasionally, but we do.

7.       When former members of my team message me asking how am I doing. This happened twice in one week this month and my heart just literally melted.

8.       To see a good movie.

9.       To unexpected meetings. I was just thinking of you yesterday and here you are.


10.   Unexpected views that only Autumn can offer.

11.   When the bartender tells you that she will make you the special tea. Because she has a headache for the whole day and feels she wants to make someone happy. So at least someone will have a nice day.

12.   Good people. And to know those I have not met yet.

13.   To meet someone who will play an important role in my life, but I do not know him or her yet.

14.   To meet with those, I already know.

15.   To the fact, that some of the best days of my life have not happened yet.

16.   Manicure. And the hand massage afterwards.

17.   When my hair looks good.


18.   When you have a nice takeaway refill coffee cup.

19.   When I come up with a good outfit.

20.   The aroma in your house when there are freshly washed clothes on the dryer.

21.   When you know how to write something grammatically correct.

22.   Or when you don’t, and someone gives you an advice.

23.   When the ironing is done

24.   The scent of freshly changed sheets.

25.   Any beach.

26.   When you are on the boat and have a view on the sea all around you.

27.   Old photo albums.

28.   When there is a new series that you like.

29.   When the heating is on.

30.   Meeting someone with funny surname.

31.   Managing to use foreign word in a sentence correctly.

32.   Finding that beautiful phone cover I must have. Explaining to myself I already have all of them. Setting up a goal to myself and after achieving it, getting that phone cover for myself as a reward.

33.   Seeing the rainbow and the fact, that you cannot predict this.

34.   That moment when you see it.

35.   Making someone laugh loudly.

36.   Having happy tears again


37.   When the wasabi kicks in

38.   To be asked if I am 18 years old when buying cigarettes.

39.   No squats tomorrow.

40.   When you get the message that someone used what you have learned together, and it works.

41.   Being surrounded by the ones I love.

42.   Finding The Dress. And The Shoes;)

43.   Discovering a song you like.

44.   Fall in love with a book.

45.   Find that one also as an audio book.

46.   Burning my tongue with a hot food, but I could not resist.


47.   That “wow moment” when I finally understand something.

48.   When I wake up in the morning remembering the dream.

49.   When the dream you did not remember in the morning finds you and reminds itself during the day.

50.   When they play your song in the radio and you dance while driving a car.

51.   When someone lets you in front of them in the traffic.

52.   When someone overcome an illness and becomes healthy again.

53.   The moment someone says out loud exactly what you wanted to say.

54.   When you put the perfume on before leaving the house and you smell it for a while.

55.   When you exercise so much, and the sweat gets to your ear.

56.   When someone sends you a message asking how are you.

57.   The day, when I manage the whole day without a chocolate.

58.   And also the fact it might never happen, because it means a lot of good chocolate in my life.

59.   When I meet a celebrity I like and find out they are nice also in person.

60.   Sunsets.


61.   Sunrises.

62.   When something is going to fall down from the table and you catch it on time, so it won’t.

63.   Seeing a good ad.

64.   Finding something you couldn’t find for a long time.

65.   The smell of lilac.

66.   Fresh walnuts. So fresh you need to peel them. And your lips and fingers stay brown from the peel.

67.   Putting my feet on the table at the end of the day.

68.   Finding exactly what i just need in my purse:D

69.   Letting the pedestrian pass the zebra and he waves you.

70.   When your orchid blooms.

71.   Sunflower field


72.   When paying the parking and the lady says “it’s OK, you can go”

73.   Finding a parking space.

74.   When I do the parallel parking:D

75.   To make it to a place without using navigation.

76.   When the strangers dog comes to you on the street.

77.   Unlocking the door and hear the dogs barking because they know it’s you.

78.   The smell of freshly washed car.

79.   A good concert.

80.   When my friends achieve something they wished to do.

81.   First swimming pool visit every year.

82.   The new “Kaštany” flavor.

83.   Unexpected interactions with people around.

84.   Neighbours kids and the stuff they tell you in the elevator.

85.   Warm tea with honey.

86.   When everything goes as planned.

87.   Also, when it does not, but the changes are good.

88.   Seeing the birds on the sky and for a moment it looks like a postcard.


89.   To the 6 impossible things before breakfast.  

90.   Laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

91.   The last cigarette of the day before going to sleep.

92.   When my hair grows long.

93.   When waiting on the gate at the airport after check-in. Waiting to get on the plane. That feeling.

94.   When you set up a surprise for someone and you are waiting for them to call you after they find out.

95.   Saying out loud the same thing as the person you are talking to at exactly the same second.

96.   To the moment I will be cleaning the kitchen and I find my boyfriend looking at me with love in his eyes. I ask “what?” and he describes 24 steps I am going to do next in order to clean it properly. The moment you realise someone accepts you with your little weird obsessions:D

97.   The moment I come home from the business trip ant there are flowers in the vase.

98.   Turning the alarm clock off on Friday evening.

99.   When the next article is translated to English;)

100.  And looking forward to when you let me know, what are you looking forward to:)


I know I have promised to avoid spoilers, but there is this one thing I must tell you about consequences of this game. You start a process in the background of your head or what and for the next few days, there are these thoughts about what you are looking forward to.

After listing those things one day, one hour in a car.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, doing something else, from the back of your mind, there comes this: “I am also looking forward to…”

Your turn. What are you looking forward to?



Previous posts:

What do you love the most about Christmas?

She’s gone mad. Its October 14th and she is asking about Christmas? It has not even been Halloween yet.


You don't have to love them. But if you happen to consider liking Christmas and make it easier, here's my tip on how to do it. And now is the right time. For those of you who know me, you know that this is my cup of tea;)

The truth is: I try not to care about what and how others do or do not do stuff. I try to mind my own business. And since I love Christmas, I am tuning the process every year. Thanks to this, I can offer to you a decent guide on how to eliminate stress to almost zero and make the most of them.
To make this possible, I recommend you to start the preparation now. That is the reason why I write about Christmas in October.
I'm not saying you have to do this. Nor do you ever have to read it. Maybe it will not work for you as it work for me, but worth trying. I just decided to share my advice because it works for me and brings me a nice and stress-free Christmas:) May it be helpful for you as well.


So, what is it, that you like about Christmas? The smell of hot wine mixed with the scent of needles? Those carols that play everywhere?

I love the lights. And trees. And accessories. Caps with jingle-bells and bobble hats.

What I like the most is the mood. During this time, you are in mood for doing nothing and chill while watching fairy-tales. Fairy tales, music, lights, looking forward to meeting the whole family. There will be tons of amazing sweets. And everyone will be nice to each other, trying not to argue, its festive time. It will be easier, because of high sugar level in blood:D

And this is what I like the most. That mood, atmosphere. You know?

But Christmas is only three days in a year. And that's really too little.


I remember one specific Xmas, about a million years ago. I was sitting under the tree. It was December 24th, after dinner. And I said to myself: "This is it? That's not enough. I would like to feel like this a bit more"

Since then, I have no limits when it comes to Christmas:D

Why should you feel so well and eat cakes without remorse only three days a year? Singing carols and watching fairy tales should be possible more than just three days a year. Right?

And why should it be stress at all?

Since that time – for several years now – I have a strategy: Enjoying all the nice Christmas stuff as long as possible. Start as soon as possible. The tree is done mostly around Nov 20th. Just because I want to enjoy it. I work a lot and travel a a lot. If my tree was decorated just before the holiday starts, when do I enjoy it? When decorating few days before Christmas you are in hurry, its just a thing that needs to be done and suddenly is Dec 28th and you are done. It’s over. You turn the lights on one more time - on New Year's Eve - because of tradition. And its over.


I travel a lot, so I am at home just a few nights from the week. Those few evenings I turn the lights on and enjoy the atmosphere. And watch Christmas movie.


Enjoying a good mood, I do rest and until the holidays come, I have already seen the movies a million times:D Christmas lasts longer, I have enough time to enjoy the peace of mind, movies, punches, sweets – every year to the maximum.

Why would I be avoiding a pleasant moments? If you have enough time for it, you have the possibility to enjoy.

So, it looks like this: At the end of November, I decorate the tree. I remember people laughing at me because of this.

And I remember the first decorating tree here in Bratislava in that rented flat with my housemates. I have placed that tree in the room, turned on random Xmas carols playlist from YouTube and started decorating.

The reactions were: “oh, do not even bother me with this”, “why would you do this, it’s a waste of money, you will spend the Xmas by your parents anyway, why would you buy a tree to this home”, "You are not serious, are you?"...

I smiled. I did not care what anyone else was thinking. I knew I was doing it for myself.

By the time the second carol from the playlist has come to an end, all of them were here, helping me. Taking the decorations from the boxes, putting them on the tree, mhming or singing the carols and moving to the rhythm.


It’s all good. And it's contagious. When you are not in hurry and you have no stress, it will become a pleasant activity. And catchy.

Everybody loves Christmas. Well, If they ever have experienced Xmas with someone who does not panic if everything is not perfect.


If you start to prepare for Christmas just when the summer ends (like I do:) you still have a 3-4 pay-days. This means that buying gifts will not be stress financially. And no one even guesses that you are collecting clues on what to buy for Xmas. Its easier when figuring out what would they want. And you than got as much time as you need to buy it. You will easily find a parking, have a nice lunch, because there is enough space in the shopping mall. You buy a gift, after that you enjoy your coffee. If you want a tuning - put some appropriate music on and there you go – Xmas time already.  

You can make your own way, just chill, make it stress free and you are on time.

You can avoid the shopping malls and crowded places for the rest of the Christmas season. Because you can. There is no reason to go there, you have already bought what you needed.

You can go straight home from work, turn the lights on and enjoy the movie:) Christmas. Chill. Whole December.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


Well, you don't have to love Christmas. But if you would like to give it a chance, this is a suggestion how to avoid stress and enjoy it as much as possible.

To be honest, I do not understand the complaining. It goes like this: "are you crazy? Are you going to start with Xmas in August next time? I'm still wearing short sleeves, is 20 degrees and the shops already have the Xmas decorations? Scandal."

Well, does this offend you so much? If so, just, don't notice that and you are done. Or, maybe better idea: buy all you need today, and you're done. It will not upset you any more reminding you stuff you still have to do. Done:)

Does it exclude each other that is warm outside and Christmas time already? For the last two years, I remember it being 10 degrees plus, it’s still quite warm for Christmas Eve. There is a possibility that it will be like that from now on. Winters and freezing were shifted to January and February. Snowy Christmas Day may never be again.

And even so, it was just a local habit. There are still places on Earth, where T-shirts and Christmas comes together. Why should it be bad? Because we were not used to it?

Well, maybe we'll just have to get used to it. The weather does not ask us for our opinion:)


Whether it is, or is not Xmas time yet, is not defined by weather. Neither its determined by the outside temperature.

It also is not defined by the availability of parking spaces.

Nor decorations in shopping mall.

Keep your Christmas as long as you want. Or as short as you want. Or don’t celebrate them at all – if you want. After all, it is a completely voluntary activity. If you ask me, I recommend "yes" and as long as possible:)

And the right time to avoid stress and only enjoy them is to start now, that’s why I'm writing this article today. So that we can have a peaceful time later on, because everything is taken care of on time.


Are there any mathematicians out there? If so, please help me with this one:

If there is a lot of things that needs to be done in short time, related to Christmas, and that is the cause of stress, this seems mathematically correct:

In order to reduce stress, we have 2 options:

a) Reduce the number of things we want to do – or

b) Increase the time we need to do this number of things.

Does it fit mathematically?

It should have been correct this way.



The way how to avoid stress while enjoying the period is as follows:

When you see the Xmas themed goods in the shop for the first time, buy what you missed last year. (Because you didn't have the power to visit these crowded stores.)

In half November, you bring the stuff from the cellar and put them inside the house. And then, any time in the second half of November, whenever you got the time, you can decorate. After all, the first advent Sunday was the last Sunday in November previous years. (now it will be Dec 1st.)

Every evening, you turn the lights on and enjoy the vibe. No need to rush anywhere.

Yes, I already bought the first small decoration of 2018. And chocolate in Christmas packaging.

Slowly and calmly starting.

In three – two – one!


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About happiness

Me: Unfortunately, you are not on any of the photos taken yesterday. We took the photos in the beginning to have one with a professor, don’t you mind? Since you are not on the pictures, you can try to convince us that it was our collective hallucination that you were there.

Him: Was I there?

Today I would just like to write that my life is fulfilled with great happiness. So big, that I do not even know if I will ever understand.

Do you go to reunions?

I did. I will not bother you with details such as after how many years it has been. To make a long story short, it did happen. And that is the only important thing:)

A meeting from high school means you return to the town where you grew up. Nothing has changed, and in the same time, everything is completely different.


Everything is smaller. When you were a kid and you were playing outside of the house, that meadow was huge. Now it's a normal little meadow between two blocks of flats. The trees are taller. They have grown. They were my height when I played here in at the age of 7. You cannot see through them today.


Everything is exactly the same but completely different. There has always been a beautiful autumn in this town.



I promised that it will be brief today. So let’s get to the point.


One of our classmates is doing this:

Every year, during Christmas holidays, he carefully and repeatedly books that table in that pub and lets the rest of the class know, that its booked. He did create such a tradition and a habit, that if you do appear in this town during Christmas, even if only once in five years, then, surely, when you come to that place, you will meet someone from the class. That's great thing Pišta did for us.

I do not know if he knows it, but we are so lucky to have him.

This Saturday's meeting was an extraordinary autumn edition, because of anniversary.

We were one class at an eight-year grammar school. This means that we have seen each other almost every day since we were babies. The first puberty attacks and the first menstruation (I mean, really, these boys played sports with us for 8 years. One year, we have been going swimming with them weekly, every Thursday. Are we going to lie to ourselves or are we going to accept, that these boys knew a lot about us.) until the time we were all adults.

There are certain facts that keeps surprising me on our reunions:

I did not notice SmallTalks.

Even if the question "how are you" comes up, then there is the eye contact. Both the poses and the formalities are put away and you say it just as it is.

I also noticed that we do not have „the race for the best“.

We do not compeed who is the bigger manager here, better dad, better mom. There are just people who may have given birth a couple of times, may have seen the birth of their kid, someone of them do not have any kids by now, some assist births professionally, someone has more wrinkles and silver hair, and that's the only thing that has changed.

The mood is: 

Absolute respect to the fact, that everyone of us has chosen their own path, and a sincere interest in how are you doing on the way you did choose for yourself. ❤


Is that because of the long time we spent together? That we are so close that even after X years, and even when we just see each other for a few hours, we get to the conversation straightly and honestly? That all these people were truly there. Sure, there were not all of us. 

But those, who were around the table, were there with all their hearts.

One of them is now learning to play chess, the other one is going to move, the third has to leave for a while, because her baby couldn’t stop crying. She made him sleep and did return. Our teacher was there, too. The boys who have a wife at home talks about them in their absence with respect. Obviously, it is possible.


We talk about everyday topics like if we saw each other yesterday and will see each other tomorrow.

How is such closeness even possible?


Admirable people. Every one of them. So it happens that they have topics to talk about all the time. One of them is in the non-profit area working with grazing, the other one  manages the team of auditors in exactly one of those big companies and the third one is on maternity leave. They have things to talk about whole evening. Some of the boys are on maternity leave. Do you understand? Me neither. How can I be so lucky to know such wise men?


And yet I noticed that even if we were in the pub, there were no pub talks.

No hate, no complaining, no bullshitting.

Well, I'm not saying there was a group of motivational speakers, not at all. There were  big laughs from one side of the table and smile on those faces. Nor will I be so brave to proclaim that those people, who met around one table yesterday, do not have problems in their lives. They surely do. Some of them maybe have big worries these days. But what they brought there is so much.


What happened yesterday have caused two things.


I'm a non-contact person. Physically. Touchs, hugs, touching shoulders. But yesterday I felt like I wanted to hug certain people while we talked. Several times. The closeness was so natural. And strong.


Tearjerkers. A lot of them. What these people created and sent to the universe yesterday was hours and hours of intense good energy.

The last moment was when I was leaving. The pub did close:D In small town, the meeting ends when the  staff says „we are closing". Well, when I was leaving, I started my car and I saw them in the rearview mirror as they stood there in the parking lot in the ring and wondered if there was something open in the "city" and where they were going.

Thank you.

I am very happy to have you in my life. It is all good. You are one of the happiness that I do not even know how this could happened to me. And it is great.


I can see how one of you, boys from yesterday, is reading this, and you say:

"What? Where was she? At the same meeting where I was? She said she was not drinking alcohol:D "

That's why I am into you.

That you accept me as I am. With this whole insane view at the world. This is also a great happiness. To know you - people who accept me as I am:)

 I'm looking forward to the next time, when our universes meet each other around one table.


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Is it harder to start, stop or to maintain 

a habit?

Does it depend on the type of person you are?

I remember reading in a magazine once, that we should choose our new years resolutions based on the type of person we are. You should make this decision based on whether you are more the type who would like to reduce some bad habits or the type that prefers to implement new behaviours into their lives.

Are you familiar with that pecan nuts maple syrup sweet pastry/cake roll? You can buy them at filling stations and also at the bakeries in supermarkets. Do you know the pastry I am talking about?


This is it.

A huge lesson for me: that even though something contains two new/ unknown things, it can be good.

The two new things: pecan nuts and maple syrup. I would probably never have tasted pecan nuts. It happened by accident. I thought I was buying a package of walnuts, not reading the info on the packaging properly. After opening and tasting it, i started thinking: „Nice walnuts, but they taste slightly different than they use to, what is the region of the origin, I wonder?“

And then I spotted the label: "pecan nuts". This was it. No regrets. They tasted good. The point is, that if I knew they were not walnuts, I would probably have never tasted them. Even though they might have tasted good. Because of the risk that it will have been worse than what I already knew. The way forward is uncertain when the current standard is satisfactory. Why should I even consider changing my preference?

It‘s the same when it comes to a choice of meal in a restaurant. When I find some food I love, I have no reason to order anything else in that restaurant. Ever. Why should I take a risk when I know what I like?

One of my friends immediately tries everything marked as "new". Exactly for the reason that it's new. Exactly the same reason for me not to do it, is the reason for her to do so.

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who love the new things and those who do not.

It took me about ten years to try cashew nuts. I still have not tried Goji berries. In Japan, China and Korea they have been eating them for hundreds of years, but they are new to us, Europeans. To me, personally. I also know that they contain 18 types of amino acids, all of the eight essential amino acids, 21 trace elements and carotenoids, more beta carotene than carrot and also vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and E (all info from wikipedia) Japanese, Chinese, and Korean women are the ones who grow older slowest in the world. All of these facts combined are just not strong enough as reasons for me to try Goji berries.

Because it's something new. Is it fear?

In the food area, my attitude towards new stuff is completely extreme. In other areas - not so tragic.

Well… Starting this website took a lot of time. Finding a name, creating descriptions, buying a domain name. It took a lot of time to collect every possible fact, reassure, verify, verify again, search, research, re-search, hesitate and question myself. It's all too new. Uncertainty and worries. Everywhere. I think I was able to complicate and challenge everything. I am also kind of a "preparation freak" :D. I will not start a project until it is perfectly prepared and ready. I have seen “Lorem ipsum” written so many times that I was quite surprised discovering that loremipsum.sk is still free. The domain name. Anyone interested? :D


We have been to the movies during the weekend. And there she was. The girl in the movie.  She wanted to sing in a club, so she asked if she could.

The business owner replied: “OK”.

The girl’s reaction was: “Really? No casting what so ever? Am I good enough for this? Could I do it? So easily? You will just give me the chance like that?”

The guy who was already a singer in that place gave her the microphone and said: “Girl, we are on the island. We do make our dreams come true just like this. And whatever we want, we simply do it. Just like that.”

You know how sometimes it is just a movie scene and sometimes it speaks directly to you?

 You are right. There is nothing I can figure out without trying it. Everything was overthought already. Just bite the cake and you will see. So I did.



The website has only basic data so far, everything else will be added as the time goes by.

I have read in some of the trillion blogger's guides online that the first article is supposed to be a "starter killer". That you have to kick it off. You should write why you have started and what your readers can expect from you and your posts. And that you only should write when you have something to say.

Well, I have already told you how picky I am when it comes to food, the goji berries nutritional value, and pecan – nuts - maple – syrup - pastry experience. Sounds good, right?

But I also usually focus on serious dilemmas, for example:

- "Where does all the hair clips, hair bands, lighters and lip balms disappear?"

- or "What is the right order for you to eat the cashew nuts from the bowl in?"

So you should expect serious topics mainly. Such as questions of existence and other fundamental topics.


I'm trying to get back to the point: We are getting started.

 Is there anything you have been deciding about doing for a long time (hours, days, weeks, months, years) and you have not got round to it yet? Exercising before bedtime, holding a plank for x minutes, stopping swearing, skipping every second cigarette... Then listen, I did the first step. It has not hurt so far. Come on, you can do it too. Whatever it is.

Do not overthink it. Just go on. Start with me. I will support you, just let me know what it is.

Now is the right time to share one of my favourite motivational quotes with you. Ready?

"The best way to start is - to actually start."

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.