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A fish that is too big


Its probably still the Cuba vibe behind the reason why I have bought this one. This new audio-book I listen to while driving. The old man and the Sea.

I do remember it from school. Yes, the Nobel price, yes it was quite good. But i did not understand the hype around it properly. There is a reason why the prices are decided on by older people. Some pieces of literature fall into place and start to make sense as you grow older, i guess:D

This was the reason, i believe, why I have decided to give it a second chance now. To really appreciate and understand the parts i was not able to understand when at school.



Starting the car, switching the audio on. Was not impressed so much by the famous „man can be destroyed but not defeated“ and other well – famous parts.

But it did happen.

I have stopped breathing during the first chapter already. After 84 days of not catching anything Santiago describes to the little boy that he feels he is close. And the big fish is going to happen to him very soon. The little boy asks him:

"But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?"

He sighs loudly and replies calmly: „I think so...“

This just hit me.


As well as other details did. Those details I was not able to understand properly without the Cuba experience in my life.

For example: For dinner, Santiago was eating „yellow rice.“


In the hotel on Cuba, there was something marked as „yellow rice“ in the restaurant. I found it just a kind of misinterpretation. I was sure the mistake happened during translation and there was supposed to be written probably something like „curry risotto“. Because of course the yellow colour comes from curry. Its a rice, curry, some vegetables and meat – may or may not be included, sometimes eggs.


How huge my surprise was, once I found out there is a food actually called „yellow rice“. Its a traditional meal for the poor people of Cuba.

Was not a mistake in translation.

It was supposed to be „yellow rice“, all the time.


Details, description of clothing, paths from the beach, a bar on the beach where the tourists sit at the end of the book and ask „what is that thing“ looking outside at the fish skeleton.

Now I was able to be there with them so much more.

Could imagine the lights from the port of Havana as he talks about them disappearing on the horizon.


It finally made sense to me why he did talk to the boy so much about the baseball. I finally knew how to imagine when he's been alone for a long time, talking to himself and answering his own questions, loudly.

It probably also comes with age, now I can relate more than ever:D


I was thinking a lot about the relationship between him and the fish. Almost crying when he told her he loved her, but he had to kill her. He knows, the fish will not get angry. Because she knows, that if the situation was the opposite way, she would have to kill him to survive. He shows great respect for her and speaks about her beauty. It was a relationship that was fair. He did not want to kill her for fun. But to feed himself and others in the village as he will sell the meat to them.

Those things I was not able to understand properly without the Cuba experience in my life.

Now I know how little they have.

Now I know exactly how the local markets looks like.

And I know that even one big fish can mean a lot for a whole village.


How could there be almost no change since 1952 – well, that is another story. Do not make me start on this one. Unfortunately there are still ppl who wants this kind of establishment in our country again.  No comment. (the word „ppl“ was originally much much worse and was replaced by this neutral one after a long deep breathing, kudos to me:D)


I was hit by the question:

"But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?"



 How and what it is related to. Will explain.

When I made that plan with a new logo for this brand and competition / giveaways from skilful people I know, a series of unbelievable actions did happen.

I addressed a logo request to a person as a step one.

Told him it is not an urgent request, we do have one month, maybe month and a half, maybe more if needed, of course. He sent me the first draft within a few days and it was completed within a week. One week.

You know what that means, right?

That he did it in the first minute when he had time. Why? How?  Was he enjoying it? Did he like to work on this one?

Where has the niceness came from?

He does have a lot of work now and I know it. But he just did it prior to the other tasks. I can not describe my surprise.


The second step was to process the cloth shopping bags.

 The website said delivery time is 3-5 working days.

In reality the process was far more different:

The man had sent me the bag print preview literally the day I have submit the order. I have confirmed the next day. The day after I did confirm he sent me an email saying: Your bags are ready for pick up.

I have entered their office to pick the bags up ant the owner of the company welcomed me saying: „These are the most beautiful bags I have done until now.“

And me, being happy AF, spontaneously replied: „Oh sure they are.“

He asked what dtj stands for and I told him to type into the web. (this is a a shortcut and will redirect you to the main page of

Not that he had nothing else to do. That place was busy and stuffed with other ready to pick - up orders. And I was ready to wait one week.

He did it in two days. Beautiful, quality, flawless and packed. And with such a good feeling of everything around.

Its all good.


Meanwhile, I have been addressing a few other people asking for their beautiful work.



Cosmetic gift package

I have contacted this woman with a request to make a tiny package including the air refresher and a soup. She said no prob. And then she wrote she would like to add a deodorant. And a lip balm, which is also made by her. And let me choose the type of soap.

The lip balm had to be done twice, as the first one was too stiff so she had to cook it all over again. Melt, cook and whatever other processes needs to be made.

You know?

She was standing by the cooker after she came home from work, so mostly evenings and nights, because it was necessary to do it a little better.


Out of nowhere, you have come up with ideas how to improve it, pack it nicely, and redo it twice if needed.

This is not a common approach. At all.


There are still some things going through preparation phase.

So I'm going to be mysterious and I'm not telling you what it is, just telling you that I have not seen something so beautiful in this category, ever. it's wonderful.

One of these skilful women I wrote and sent pictures of what she already had in her portfolio. Something that is created already, I will buy it and put it to giveaway as a prize.

We have met and had a nice tea together.

And she, sipping that lavender tea, unpacked the cotton balls from her bag and let me choose the colours. She said she will create a new ones especially for this purpose. Not letting me buy something that is done already.

I did not want to add another work to her, but she voluntarily decided to make a new ones for DTJ. And she brought the portfolio of possible colours with her, so I could choose.


Siting here, I did not know what to say, how to react. I was just wondering why are these good people happening to me.


Another meeting took place in a similar, unexpected spirit.

I even caught my boyfriend doing something with this logo on his PC. Tried to make a surprise for me to be given as a giveaway as well. Because he just wanted to be involved. For what he saw was joyful and he wanted to be a part of it.



The bear family was a total last minute call.

I wrote to my sis with a shy request, asking her if she can manage quickly.

She replies saying she actually has a vacation next week, so it is possible. Within three days she sent me pictures of the family of crocheted bears and they were already on the way.
I came home and there was a package waiting for me.

I opened it and there they were. 2 families of four. Yes, she sent me two families of four. In an extremely short time, that woman just found the time to prepare not just one but two sets. She also gave everyone of them a label saying that what is his name and what he likes. You will have the opportunity to meet the other family of four. Its different form of handwork and they are awesome.

Sitting there staring at them smiling at me, these 8 mammal made with love, i just started crying. It was just too much.

Asking myself:

Why? Why would they do this? Why would everyone produce some extra effort?

Where did that come from?


Everyone has put a huge piece of it in addition to what was requested and agreed. Time. Creativity. Piece of their soul. Idea. Improvement. Everything just because they wanted to. Each one of them devoted much more time and energy and strength and creativity than I had the courage to ask for.

And these people, all without exception, and without asking for it, have done an extra piece of work.

Just because.

Hand work is extremely valuable commodity. It requires your brain, focus, idea, hard work, time, preparation, material, rethink, make propositions, make the final product.


This is really a lot of time for each one of them.


Where does that extra effort came from, i have no idea. Honestly. It just happened. And than again.




Not to mention that my suggestion was that I would buy these from them and it would be a gift from me - to you. But most of them did not even let me pay. And even those who did accept the payment only accepted the amount of their expenses – so the money happened to be absolutely symbolic, I was ready to pay many times more.

They've done it all partially or completely for free.


I just want to thank you, the authors of all these presents, those you readers have already seen, but also to those who are still waiting for you.

Big Thank You.

You have created a great amount of good energy to the world (apart from material gifts).


Also, I still kind of do not believe it myself and I can not fully process it. A miracle.

All the good you have created and sent to the world is a huge force and I do not understand it as much as I should. I do not understand at all how it begun, and how you have been able to create so much good in creating these products, passing them to me and the joy that you cause to the winner when he or she receives them.  So much more then my original ordinary request.


A fish that is too big.

Says the title of this piece.


I did not have any idea that it would be so great lesson for me when I have fistly adressed these requests for cooperation. I appreciate the size of your enthusiasm, willingness, joy in giving, helping, and so overall humanity. And goodness.


It's really a fish, that is too big for me. In the best possible sense. I was not prepared for it at all. It has throwed me to hit the walls of the ship, because I simply fell on my knees from it:D


You have made a lot of good in the world.

It makes me feel very emotional as it is going on and on.

I had to write it to all of you.


The world can sometimes be a dark place, I know.

This website is my fight against evil. I do not know how to fight it differently. And couldn't stay not fighting anymore, I felt it was too much and it was everywhere. I have chosen this form. This way I just want to create some good. As an opposite. I know that I can not offer thoughts worth the Nobel Prize, nor any serious breakthroughs in these Sunday light style pieces:D But this is the only skill I have, the only thing I am capable of doing. And I will not give up. Not for myself, nor for those I love. I know that I will not be able to give life back to anyone, nor do I make anything revolutionary. But I can make a little good. Regularly, every week, one article. Something short and simple, every Sunday. Create a tiny good bit for this world. You will find it once you need it. This is my fight strategy in this mad world. Others do not make sense to me. I tried. Only this one works for me.

Just trying to create some kind of good in the world as the counterbalance of that rabble.


And you helped me with all of this. Without even knowing it.

A fish that is too big.


The world can sometimes be a dark place, I know.

But it is beautiful too. Because these people are. They can surprise you when you least expect it. Even more of them at the same time. Acting totally selfless.


It is all good.



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My mum has paid fortune so her kids could speak other languages. Even though, my english is not perfect. Please have mercy, I am trying my best not to hurt your language;) but on the other hand make English version of every article. Grammar mistakes may appear unintendedly. 
Apologies in advance.