About me

- I do love olives.
- I just do not get raisins.
- Sometimes I leave the pizza crust as a leftover.
- The right order to eat nuts for me is: start with the halfs, then the broken small pieces and finally all the nice and whole ones. Skittles and Haribos needs to be always carefully separated and consumed in groups by color.
- If I have to choose between chocolate or lunch, I go for chocolate.


When something is really funny, I do grunt when laughing. It happens to me that just right after entering the room I forget why I came there. Sneezing while driving really scares me. As a child, I was convinced that I would have to deal with the existence of the Bermuda Triangle much more often than I really do now. When something hurts me, I tend to hide it from those I love. There are times when I say "it is gonna be OK" and "I'm fine" even though I'm not so sure yet. I always try to finish something until the water boils.

And the world around me is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

it's all good. dobretoje.